The Start….

Welcome to the start of my Nurture Health Blog! I thought I would start by sharing a little bit about myself…..


I’ve always been interested in food and nutrition. My parents taught me from a young age that when you eat healthily – you feel better, look better and have more energy. I have always loved spending time in the kitchen, and find that this is my time to unwind.


Now that I am a mother myself (to 2 very active young boys!), I realise that it’s not always easy to prepare healthy meals that the whole family will eat. Kids are notoriously fussy! Plus, as a mother – you are always time poor!


It also got a lot harder about 2 years ago when my eldest son was diagnosed as both gluten and lactose intolerant… this is when I had to start getting a lot more creative with my recipes!


My posts are going to concentrate on healthy snacks and meals that are delicious as well as fast and easy to prepare. The majority of my recipes will be both gluten and dairy free – and I will try and include some substitution ideas for making things nut free or vegan where possible.


My first post will be a Paleo Almond & Blueberry Muffins – yummy!

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